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How It Works

  • You Send Us A Photo

    It all starts when you fill out the form on this website and send us a photo that you would like digitally painted.

  • We Do The Work

    We take your photo and work with our artifical intelligence to create a digital painting. A human manipulates and curates the output to ensure the highest quality. A robot does the heavy lifting.

  • You Approve Your Painting

    You approve the painting, or we work with you until you do. We then take the painting and run it through our rendering cluster to generate a print quality image.

  • We Print It & Ship It

    We assemble your order and package it up with care. The whole process from photo-upload to package-delivery takes less than two weeks.


Monkey & Bot helped me select photographs that would look the best, taking extra time to sift through my collection and gave me advice on which ones would turn out in the way that I personally invisioned! They did an amazing job transforming my photos into works of art! I love these photographs and plan to buy many more as gifts for friends in the future! They are so unique and affordable. Great product!

Willow Iorga

~ Willow Iorga

Willow Iorga